1. Original doners –        King Cayint Naung Kayw Htin Naw Ra Htar, the owner of wihte-elephants
  2. Height of the pagoda –        333 ft
  3. Small stupas –        60 stupas
  4. Girth of the pagoda –        1500 ft
  5. Relics (i)      The eyeteeth of the Buddha which were respectfully offered by King Thiho.

(ii)    Emerald boycott

(iii)   63380 relics of Buddha

(iv)   Suta, Vinaya, AbiDama philosophy of an individual)were written on malleable gold sheet

(v)     The Pitakas written on gold and silver palm-leaf

  1. Titals (a)     Mahar Zei Di

(b)     Having Da Tu Zei Di, Dama Zei Di and Pari Bo Ga Zei Di, everyone’s wishes may be fulfilled and benefited the Nibban.

The same title ‘Mahar Zei Di’ pagodas were observed in sagaing. Zinn Mein Thailand and in Serilinkar.

In 863, King Na Ya Pa Ti, the king of Inn Wa built the pagoda in Sagaing and then the placed the ceremonial golden umbrella and set on stone inscription.

In Nadaw, 935 ME, King Bayint Naung visited to the pagoda in Zin Me and he newly repaired again the damage Mahar Zei Di pagoda.

In Sasana year 372, King Dokhta Garmani who was famous for religious person built the pagoda which has the height 180 Hme. Da Tu Parinibbna time which will reach in very acient time of later Sasanar year, relics in Serilinder will concentrate at Mabar Zei Di and finally all relics will make Da Tu Parinibbana on the throne of Bo di Mahar Zei di pagoda.

When the word ‘Mahar Zei Di’ divided

Mahar = great and noble

This meaning means this pagoda has many relics of Buddha and it is more noble than other pagodas. Special characteristics of Mahar Zei Di pagoda.

  • There was no 3 stages of terraces like pagodas. There was a larger terrace whichis 13 ft high from plantform. This terrace was specially built for 60 small stupas and 4 gateway’s pagodas. Tiers included eight faces the more inserted to the dinner.
  • Tiers which include nine stages are 81 ft long. By the top of approach ramp which has 99 rung pilgrim can climb to the upper part of the pagoda eadily.
  • In the circumference of approach ramp the spire-like roof is beautifully decorated with Sukhi.
  • Sein Daun are decorated in projecting coners and fixed in the form of Damase’ Kja and surrounding by the floral arabesque. In the upper potion, two layers lotus petals were systemaitclly decorted. This is the handicraft of Myanmar’s art of sone sculpture.
  • At the base of terrace, the plinth of a stupa which his 3 ft high and 8ft wide. In the upper part of the plinth, rock vases included with spary of golden flowers and figures that demonstrate the ten principle virtues are beautifully arranged.


  • Flangmasts were made according to an old saying that it has the figure of Barhminy duck, ashy drongo, fowl, parrot and adorn with the ring of spherical basses, cylindrical pennant and flat pennant.
  • Five diamond buds are aimed at the five Buddhas. Everyone wants to respect them beacurs they are bright in sunlight, moonlight and electric light.
  • The area of the pagoda’s earth is 15000 breadth and it is plane that is surrounding the wall which is in the form of the square. The pagoda in the middle of 60 areas ground.
  • One distinction among the relics in that the statur of King Bayint Naung who is wearing the royal insignia. He handle the tlame in his hands and doing obeisance. This statue was made with gold.

Moreover,  the following statues were also made with gold

  • King’s father
  • King’s mother
  • Queen Atu La Mahar Ra Zur Dei Wi
  • Daughter, queen of Inn Wa
  • Grandchild Nat Shin Mae Daw
  • Son Mahar Ou Pa Ra Zar
  • Grandchild Minn Gyi Swar
  • Queen Ra Za Dei Wi Shin
  • Son Minn Thar Sit
  • Daughter Ra Zar Da Tu Kalyar
  • Queen Sandar Dei Wi Shin
  • Daughter Khin Saw


The staues of son, daughter, younger brother Thadoe Dama Ra Zar queen, two daughter, younger brother Minn Khaung, two sons three daughters, younger brother Thadoe Minn Saw and counselors of the King were covered with silver. All these statues are in the form of doing obeisance and handle the flame.

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